We believe that your communication should be about having a plan and not reactionary responses to situations. We help frame discussions on topics and the issues that are important to client’s organization such that it projects the organization positively with the public over the long term.

Strategic communication management could be defined as the systematic planning and realization of information flow, communication, media development and image care (brand management) in a long-term horizon. It conveys deliberate message(s) through the most suitable media to the designated audience(s) at the appropriate time to contribute to and achieve the desired long-term effect. Communication management is process creation. It has to bring three factors into balance: the message(s), the media channel(s) and the audience(s). - Wikipedia


Media Range brings to bear the expertise of its team in helping clients communicate their concepts, processes, or data that satisfies a long term strategic goal of the client’s organization by allowing facilitation of advanced planning. This involves infusing communications efforts with an agenda and a master plan.

At the core of this service is the approach that Strategic Communications is not marketing, public relations, business, advertising, journalism, psychology , sociology or social communication but rather selects, leads, integrates, coordinates, activates and executes the resources of these disciplines to the advantage of the client’s goal(s).

Properly executed, this resolves challenges in ineffective top-down approach to communication (mission-specific, strategic-political guidance for information activities; information strategy; corporate vision; shared narrative) and insufficient horizontal and vertical integration of communication (cohesion of a coalition; corporate identity; cultural awareness; communication by words and deeds - the "say-do-gap"; involvement of non-coalition actors - participatory communication).