After creating new media platforms, what next? Most organisations and individuals get to this stage and get stuck very quickly. The need to have a digital presence has been met but how do you ensure that it continues to create value on a daily basis for your brand? How do you ensure it helps you meet your strategic objectives? This is what we can help you achieve with out range of New Media services.

Search Engine Optimization

Most of the traffic to websites come from Search Engines…and over 93% of this organic search traffic comes from Google alone. How do you ensure that your website is among the top results returned for the popular keywords in your service category?

Market Research

  • SWOT analysis with Top 20 Competitors on a given Keyword
  • Strengths
  • Weakness
  • Opportunities
  • Threats

Technical Site Audit

  • Tagging of key on-page elements (Example h1 tag)
  • Menu Structure and Crawl-ability
  • Relevant page meta title and meta tags featuring target keywords
  • Internal Linking Practices
  • Site Structure (Indexing, Accessibility etc)

SEO Strategy & execution

  • Content development and optimization
  • Competitive Insights
  • Keyword Research
  • Proposed Long term goals and time line
  • Reports


  • Organic traffic and conversion growth
  • Improved website technical elements and user experience
  • Highly visible position on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)
  • Improved On-Page and Off-Page Optimization
  • Creation of quality backlinks and internal links to increase ranking
  • Development of rich content
  • Better understanding of what users want


New Media Audit

What You Get:

  • Full assessment of your current Social Media strategy
  • Complete analysis of your industry and key competitors
  • Detailed overview of any missed opportunities and inefficiencies that are discovered
  • Overview of industry best practices
  • Executive summary & key insights
  • Recommended actions to fix any uncovered problems



  • Identify Missed Opportunities
  • Identify if missed opportunities exist and learn how to correct any uncovered problems and inefficiencies.
  • Optimize Your Execution
  • Ensure that your marketing team or agency employs the best platforms, the correct methods and techniques, and the right people to execute your campaigns.

Strategy Development

What You Get:

  • Articulate core, tangible business objectives to form strategy foundation
  • Detailed strategy and tactical development to achieve the objectives
  • Content marketing strategy
    • Competitive insights
    • Content pillar development
    • Content calendar development
    • Community management scope
  • Advertising strategy
    • Creative direction
    • Target audience research
    • Value propositions
    • Ad placement strategy
    • Media spend recommendation

    Content calendar setup & distribution guidelines

    Establish community management scope

  • Performance measurement and ROI reporting
    • Key metrics defined
    • Tracking template
    • Monthly reporting template
  • Detailed execution plan
    • Project timeline
    • Benchmarking
    • 4 month outlook
  • Technical and resource requirements for successful implementation
    • Breakdown by hours required to execute strategy either internally or externally
    • Key tasks and responsibilities
  • In-person strategy presentation
  • Complete strategy document delivered in PDF, ready for implementation


  • A detailed plan of action will help you organize and manage your internal process and track results.
  • We develop and present a complete strategy tailored to your business objectives, with detailed ROI tracking, plan of action manage it entirely on your behalf.
  • Prevent costly mistakes that waste your time, money, and the time of your employees.
  • Up to 70% of the resources used to manage the average business’s social media presence are wasted due to poor planning. Maximize the results of your social presence by investing the necessary resources required to develop an effective strategy.

Training & Supervision

What You Get:

  • Training sessions will be selected and tailored to your business and social media strategy. We are also able to develop specific training sessions and materials, based on your requirements.

                 Our sessions cover:

    • Content marketing: What is it and how to get the most of it
    • Technical aspects of social media platform management
    • Understanding metrics, analytics and reporting
    • Advertising campaign setup & management
    • Community management guidelines
    • Content calendar setup and management
    • Best times for content distribution and posting
    • Social media lead generation tools
    • Leverage your presence for improved customer service
    • How to create value driving, engaging, sharable content to maximize brand awareness
    • Social and mobile – capturing your audience where they spend their time
    • Venturing into new platforms
    • Custom designed session
  • Weekly audit of strategy execution
  • Content audit & recommendations
  • Analytical review
  • Competitive update
  • Monthly status report & recommendations


  • Ensure that your resources and the time of your employees is spent correctly.
  • Our Social Media Managers will work with your staff to ensure that they will spend their time and efforts generating the most engaging content and deploying it on the most effective channels to reach your target demographic.

Full Implementation & Campaign Management

What You Get:

  • Full strategy execution
  • Complete original content development
  • We collect & create fresh, engaging content monthly, including photos, video, articles, infographics, contests, & anything you wish to share.
  • Professional graphic design and copywriting
  • Strategic paid boosts for maximum brand awareness
  • Content calendar maintenance
  • Custom tab development & installation
  • Daily content distribution
  • Community management, responding to comments & shares (4 Hours)
  • Minimum 60 hours/month of community engagement & product promotion
  • Lead funneling & customer service
  • Performance tracking
  • Monthly analytics report & key insights
  • Dedicated account manager for all social media questions


  • Have full peace of mind knowing that your Social Media is being handled by experienced professionals.
  • Let our team of Social Media experts manage your entire social media campaign from start to finish, hassle-free, to ensure that you send the right message to the right audience at the right time on the right social media channels.

We will make social media profitable for your company by:

  • Developing custom Facebook business page
  • Launching highly targeted LinkedIn marketing campaign
  • Building strong community of followers for your Twitter account
  • Leveraging the power of Google+ to help your organic rankings
  • Generating leads through custom Facebook apps